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We analyze, create concepts, advise solutions and realize projects.

The name doesn't matter: We are full service providers

Managing real estate, monitoring the state of maintenance and carrying out corrective and planned maintenance, or having it carried out, are our core tasks. Guiding major maintenance and renovation projects, drawing up and monitoring budgets and monitoring the right balance between the state of maintenance in relation to the investments are our specialty.


Sander Roos | Consensus Property Services

Gamechanger in Hygiene, Health, Hospitality and Happiness

Sander; “In recent years I have gained a lot of experience as a technical manager in various real estate areas. This both from the role as Technical manager for the owner and as manager on behalf of external owners. In addition to performing the regular daily and periodic management tasks, initiating, supervising and delivering renovations, major maintenance and renovations are also part of my competences.  Coordinating and checking corrective and planned maintenance are part of my periodic management tasks. The management tasks also include making multi-year maintenance budgets, central purchasing and making framework agreements on both technical and facility level.

In addition to these services, I also have experience as a project manager at a construction contractor. Communication with tenants, owners and contractors as well as the aspects of purchasing, sales and project management are therefore among my specialties.”

Some people call us consultants or project managers, others call us creatives or innovators

The name or frame doesn’t matter: we are full service providers! Do you have a question about your real estate? Or do you want more info on our services? Feel free to contact us.

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