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Inspections, draft MJOBs and provide maintenance advice

Inspecting and subsequently drawing up a report for 21 objects including a multi-year maintenance budget. During the inspections, the architectural elements and installations were inspected.


Project management
renovation office Piecom

Project management of the renovation of the new head office of Piecom B.V. It concerns the upgrading of the offices and the internal expansion of the industrial hall.


The complete project is taken care of from design to completion.

Project management renovation office Clever Strategy

Commissioned by Clever Strategy, the project management of the renovation of the office at Rivium Promenade 100 Capelle aan den IJssel. (Solaris 1).

The current office layout has been completely stripped and subsequently converted into a modern contemporary office, characterized by the open structure and the multifunctional middle zone.

The demand for a new division arose due to the growth of the company in combination with the open and informal corporate culture that Clever Strategy uses.

Technical management / Property management

Taking care of the daily technical management of various objects

Project management Various

Carrying out various projects in and on the rented property for various clients. The client is completely unburdened in this from tendering to completion. It concerns architectural and installation engineering projects.